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On a Pregnancy Taboo: Terminations For Medical Reasons.

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

During my lunch break yesterday (03/03/2020), I happened to see part of Loose Women. Actress, Zara Dawson was on to discuss her experience as a women who terminated her pregnancy for medical reasons (TFMR), in the hope to try and raise awareness of this taboo subject.

Zara shared how little support she received during her ordeal and the lack of information available to her:

I googled non-stop and I couldn’t find anyone who had been through it.”

There is often a lot of stigma and judgement attached to terminating pregnancies. Women who go through this often experience guilt, shame and isolation, particularly as terminations for medical reasons are not spoken about. Silence is shame’s best friend, and consequently many women keep it a secret from others.

The show states that statistically, there are twice as many terminations for medical reasons as there are still births, which equates to approximately 5000 women enduring this every year, meaning every day 14 babies are lost in this way, yet it is rarely discussed.

If you wish to view the interview in full, click below.

This is a topic close to my heart due to my own experiences as a woman, mother, daughter and friend. Please don’t suffer in silence. Contact me to book a call. / Kay Bingham 07908874708

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